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About Wilstone Roofing - Your trusted neighborhood roofer

Our Mission

We focus on letting our work speak for itself by providing affordable quality, straight-forward honesty, and exceptional service.

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Wilstone Roofing & Restoration is a locally owned family business based out of Middletown, Indiana offering to our valued customers over 20 years of experience in the roofing, remodeling, and home building industry. Our business is built upon the principles of integrity, quality and treating others as we would want to be treated. This age-old wisdom is at the core of our beliefs and performance and it is a conviction we practice with consistency and without compromise!

We're a roofing contractor in Muncie that believes in honest, hard work and letting our reputation speak for itself. Our goal is to exceed the expectations of you, our customer, and create a positive experience that is founded on trust and commitment.

Because we are respectful and conscientious of protecting and preserving your property and the environment, we are fully insured, our conduct professional and our work is tidy with a ‘less mess’ approach using cutting edge equipment that keeps your home safe. When you need expert service from a professional roofer in Muncie, contact our team.

What to Expect

We believe it is good practice to give our customers some insight on what to expect when they have roof installation, or any other exterior work conducted on their home. Knowing ahead of time some things to expect about your construction project will make the process smooth for everyone.

As always, if you have any other questions, give us a call! We are happy to assist you any way we can to help navigate the home restoration process.

Tips & Suggestions

  • Please keep your driveway clear. It will need to be accessed for removal of old material and loading of new material. If you should need to come and go from your home, have your vehicles removed from the garage and driveway before the workers arrive.
  • Installing a new roof creates a lot of noise! If you have children or other members of the home that nap during the day as well as any family members, including pets, who are disturbed by loud noises, it’s a good idea to plan some time away on the day that our crew will be scheduled to work.
  • Oftentimes the constant pounding and loud noise can be traumatizing and stressful for pets. Some beneficial solutions that work great can be: arranging for indoor or outdoor pets to spend the day at the doggie daycare, or a friend or family members home. In any case, please make sure all pets are not outside, near the work area.
  • Consider removing any wall hangings from the exterior walls. Vibrations carried down along the walls from work being conducted on the roof could cause rattling and shaking, and we wouldn’t want anything to fall from shelves or off the walls themselves.
  • If possible, it is always best to make arrangements that minimize or eliminate traffic to and from your home for the day, so that any potential risk for injury can be avoided. This is a proactive and effective way to ensure safety for everyone on the premises.
  • Please inform children of safety precautions when entering and leaving the premises such as no one should walk outside barefooted, avoid walking under ladders, or being under or around the work area.
  • Please relocate or cover all outdoor furniture and potted plants that may be placed close to the perimeter of the house, not sheltered under a porch or overhang. It is essential to turn off the pool sweeper and cover Jacuzzis, pools and ponds to prevent the chance of debris and nails from getting inside. We are happy to assist in this preparation if needed - just let our supervisor know!
  • If you have a sprinkler system, please turn it off for the day until after the crew leaves to ensure the ground, materials, and equipment stay dry!
  • Keep in mind that rain or snow can potentially cause delays or rescheduling. We will notify you if that becomes the case.
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