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Common Roofing Mistakes You Should Go Out Of Your Way To Avoid

Common roofing mistakes

Everyone needs a roof over their head; it's a basic necessity and an integral part of your home. Keeping it intact is often a chore, but it doesn't have to be that challenging, as long as you make good choices about the maintenance, including which local roofing contractor you hire for the work.

Roof repairs and replacement aren't DIY tasks, so hiring an industry professional is necessary. Unfortunately, just because someone has a business name doesn't mean they're fit to be working on your roof. It's important to know what vital roofing mistakes to avoid so you can also monitor the contractor you hire and make sure they're not cutting corners or taking shortcuts.

The First Mistake Is Thinking There Won't Be Any Mistakes

It's easy to think that you're free and clear of running into mistakes by working with a professional roofer. Choose your roofing company carefully, and this may be true. However, make sure you're diligent in your research and selection process and still watch for mistakes they could make that could cause expensive problems.

  • Reusing old flashing - Companies may do this and not get caught - for a while. The problem is that once you discover you're a victim, it could be months later, and that company is nowhere to be found.
  • Improper nail length - Nails may not be expensive, but some contractors use one size to make everything more cost-effective. You'll realize this is the case for your project once your shingles begin to loosen because they're not being held securely in place.
  • Poor attic ventilation - Newer homes should be outfitted with proper ventilation, but it's not guaranteed. Older homes should be inspected for adequate ventilation. Improper attic ventilation causes problems with roofing and your energy use and will shorten the lifespan of your roofing system.
  • Causing or ignoring ice dams - Ice dams can usually be avoided by making sure there's adequate insulation. However, if you have ice dams forming, it's time to have your roof and insulation inspected to try and correct the situation.

How To Make Better Choices

Before scheduling roof work:

  • Do your homework.
  • Research what the job entails and common mistakes that can occur.
  • Always be proactive about choosing a reputable roofing contractor, and don't be afraid to ask them lots of questions about the process.

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