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Malarkey Shingles Are Environmentally Friendly!

For every 1,000 squares (33 homes) where Malarkey shingles are installed, it is equivalent to:

  • Planting 83 trees,
  • Saving 11,667 milk jugs
  • 66,000 water bottles
  • Or 167 rubber tires from landfills!!
Upcycled rubber and plastic polymers from used tires and water bottles further improve shingle strength and durability while extending shingle life and reducing material waste from landfills!
3M™ Smog-Reducing Granules contain a photocatalytic coating that creates energy from the UV rays of the sun, binding to smog molecules and transforming them to a water-soluble nitrate salt that easily washes off with rainwater and utilized by surrounding plant life.
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