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Jeremi Dobbs

Nathan and Leslie Wilson with Wilstone Roofing and Restoration made this experience an unbelievable experience. They restored the faith with our past contractor experiences. Nathan done everything he said he was going to do on time and even early. He and Leslie communicated every step of the way making this a smooth process for my wife and I. The crew was very professional and worked long days to complete the job. They respected our property and cleaned up every day. I cannot say enough good things about this company and owners. I will use Nathan and his crew many more times in the future.

Elizabeth Koontz

I’m so impressed with Wilstone Roofing. We had a bit of siding fall down and needed put back up. Nathan came out promptly and had it back up in no time. Efficient and helpful. Greatly appreciated!

Zina Bartle

Nathan and Leslie have been a godsend to me! I only wish they offered more kinds of home related work so I could have them back!

Having been away from Delaware County for a dozen years when my father passed away, I had no real connections locally for finding a roofing contractor when the home inspector told me Dad’s house needed a new roof. I took my chances based on online research, and thankfully, I got lucky with Wilstone. (Afraid my experiences with other contractors weren’t so lucky.)

Leslie is the consummate communicator and excels at customer service. She never dropped a ball or failed to call or email me a thoughtful, thorough reply to the myriad questions I asked. She also completed the documentation my insurance company needed to qualify me for an insurance discount for the wind rating on the shingles. And, she made a special trip to bring shingle color samples to me out in the boonies while I was up to my eyeballs cleaning out an old farmhouse on my dad’s other property.

Nathan clearly knows his trade. He is also personable and patient and took time to answer my questions during a long phone call after normal work hours. He offered two options, being considerate of my budget, never pressuring, never “upselling.” Just giving me honest facts and seasoned opinions so that I could make my own decision. Especially because I am a single female, contractors often aren’t respectful or considerate. Nathan, though, was respectful and informative at every turn.

In addition, Nathan went above and beyond to help with a related issue – the new roof vents weren’t much help without a working attic fan, and I had no clue who/how to get the non-working fan fixed. Nathan to the rescue!

Both Nathan and Leslie are people of deep integrity, so I was comfortable entrusting them to visit and work on the Yorktown house while I was 1,300 miles away at my home in Texas. I visited the house a few days after the Malarkey roof was installed on the house, detached garage and storage building. Except for the stunning new roof, you’d never have known they were there. Not a scrap or nail was left anywhere. Their clean-up was IMMACULATE!

With flaky contractors who no-show or don’t follow up, it has been a true joy to work with Nathan and Leslie. In fact, the roof looked so good that I couldn’t deal with ugly old gutters, so I had them come back a few months later and install all new gutters.

My relationship didn’t end there. Thanks-no thanks to a terrible HVAC contractor who made an absolute eyesore and roof leak hazard out of my brand new roof by the most insane, epic fail of a furnace vent pipe install, I again reached out to Nathan. He understood my concern about the imminent potential for the vent disaster to ruin my roof, so he and his guy came out quickly to repair the vent, even scraping off a silicone mess and painting the PVC pipe to match. His attention to detail and focus on doing these kinds of small things to ensure everything looks and works right are a welcome change. You’ll see the “before” and “after” pics for this included here. Unfortunately, I don’t have any photos of the whole roof and did not want to delay posting this review until I am able to take some.

This is a real review by a real person. And, Wilstone Roofing is the real deal. Nathan and Leslie have my contact information. If you are considering them for your project and have any hesitation or concerns, please ask them how to reach me. I will gladly share my experience and answer any questions you have candidly.

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